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2010 NBA Draft Steal

Eric Bledsoe is the guy everyone should be talking about, he will be the 2010 NBA Draft Steal by a wide margin.  Everyone is talking about John Wall, the Kentucky Wildcats starting point guard, but I feel Bledsoe, the Wildcats backup point guard, is close if not better than Wall and to top it off […]

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2009-2010 Wizards Aftermath

First the Washington Wizards owner dies then Gilbert Arenas draws guns in the locker room and the Wizards don’t know what to do.  Agent 0 gets suspended for the rest of the season then his two All-Star teammates get traded.  And now he has the number one pick, John Wall, to pass him the ball.  So I guess Arenas isn’t going […]

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Bulls Gunning for that 8th Spot

The Chicago Bulls are now in the drivers seat for the 8th spot in the Eastern Conference Playoff race after thier 104-88 in victory in Toronto over the Raptors.  The Bulls have a one game lead over the Toronto Raptors.  With two games left to go this fight to the finish is almost over.  All […]

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Lebron Sitting on National Television

When the Orlando Magic come to visit the Cleveland Cavaliers today on national television, ABC 10 am WST, Lebron will be sitting.  Keeping his energy and health for the playoffs.  Shaquille O’Neal will probably not play.  Mo Williams and Antawn Jamison will be playing for your viewing and you Fantasy Basketball players so start them both. Man, I am […]

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Bogut Down, Bucks Out

Andrew Bogut fell down hard tonight in Milwaukee.  He is out for the rest of the season.  Now the Bucks will get knocked out in the first round of the playoffs.  Fantasy Basketball players you must start Brandon Jennings & John Salmons.  They will take on more responsibility meaning taking more shots and scoring more points […]

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Flash vs Jennings Tonight

Last night the Flash wiped the floor with the Chicago Bulls and Derrick Rose by the end of the third quarter that he had the whole fourth quarter to stretch out and relax.  The Flash will have plenty of energy for tonight’s match up with Brandon Jennings and the Milwaukee Bucks at 5:30 pm WST on […]

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Back to Back Flash Nights

Dwyane Wade will be starring in back to back nationally televised games starting tonight in Chicago.  He will kick things off by going back home to play the Bulls at 5 pm WST on TNT.  Where he will hear cheers all game long and chants of  “Come Home Wade” since he is a free agent after […]

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Big game today,  the Boston Celtics playing the Cleveland Cavaliers at 12:30 WST ABC.  National Television and Bron Bron?  Expect big numbers for all you Fantasy Basketball fans.  I just hope Paul Pierce and bunch are still healthy enough to make this a game especially since I will be watching. Ed Jones writes exclusively for CloudFantasy.  […]

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Lakers at Heat

Tonight on TNT at 5PM WST the Los Angeles Lakers go to Miami to take on the Heat and I can’t wait.  We all remember the last time they played and Kobe Bryant’s buzzer-beating shot.  Maybe this time the Flash can get a buzzer-beater of his own.  I don’t want to miss a second of this game.

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Fanball Profile

Fanball is the fifth company I will profile from the FSTA Winter Business Conference.  I met with Geoffrey R. Stein, their Senior Editor.  He used to be a part of Mock Draft Central which was bought by Rotowire.  It was a two person operation so he learned all of the in and outs of the […]

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