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Heath Bell a SF Giant

One All-Star closer goes down just bring in another All-Star closer, this sounds like a solid move to me.  The SF Giants have claimed San Diego Padres closer Heath Bell off waivers.  So now Brian Wilson, who is on the disabled list with inflammation in his right elbow, can take it easy and come back when […]

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T-Mobile’s $50 Unlimited Everything Plan

T-Mobile’s has just launched a $50 Unlimited Voice, Text and Date Plan with no Contracts but I do wonder why did I have to spend so much of my day fighting with T-Mobile in America and the Philippines (on the phone) just to find out you REALLY need to call a T-Mobile Store?  Luckly if […]

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Mets Owner Bashes Mets

“He (shortstop Jose Reyes) thinks he’s going to get Carl Crawford money (seven-year, $142 million)  “He’s had everything wrong (all the  injuries) with him. He won’t get it.”  Carl Crawford isn’t even worth Carl Crawford money, I do wonder what in the world were the Boston Redsox thinking? “We had some schmuck (himself) in New […]

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Jose Reyes – The New SF SS

This is not a typo, against what most people think. The Giants and Mets have discussed the possibility of trading Jose Reyes.  We should expect an “Adrian Beltre” type of year from Reyes who is in his walk year of his contact.  He won’t hit 40 bombs, but 40 steals are highly likely.  The question […]

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Manny Retired?

Yesterday, I wondered why Manny Ramirez didn’t play in the game and read  he was “attending to a personal matter” so I decided not to play him till I get word he is coming back.  Then today I find out the following.  “Major League Baseball recently notified Manny Ramirez of an issue under Major League […]

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2011 Fantasy Baseball Dream Team

I just drafted the 2011 Fantasy Baseball Dream Team and want to share with you how you too can draft like a pro.  First off do an auction style draft so you can pick and choose which players you really want instead of being forced to take the best player available when your draft spots pop […]

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2011 MLB Fantasy Difference Makers

It’s time to play Fantasy Baseball and Cloud Fantasy’s very own Harrison Ellman has been kind enough to grace us with another article.  This time he is going to tell you the MLB Fantasy Difference Makers for this coming up season.  Draft your Fantasy Baseball Team accordingly. Catcher – Joe Mauer (Minnesota Twins) The closest […]

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Gary Sheffield Retires

“I am sure it will be mentioned and debated but from my standpoint I know who is in the Hall of Fame.  A lot of them don’t belong in the Hall of Fame.  If someone wants to debate me, check the stats.  I wanted to retire after I played for the Mets.  My family said […]

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Vladimir Guerrero an Oriole

Last year around this time I told you that Cloud Fantasy favorite Vladimir Guerrero was going to be a steal for any team that signed him and he was.  But looking at his numbers from last season it is clear after the first half his production went way down especially in the post season.  So […]

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Buster Posey NEXT Cover

The one Magazine Cover that comes out every year which usually has the coolest player by far who is just about to explode is the ESPN NEXT Cover and this year that player is the World Series Champion, Rookie of Year, the San Fransisco Giants catcher, Buster Posey.  And I thought he had a great […]

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