Drew Brees MVP

Drew Brees MVPIf you asked me a few weeks ago who I thought the MVP was I would have gone with Brett Favre for emotional reasons.  The Vikings are standing at 10-2 with Farve leading the way with his 26 touchdowns and 6 interceptions.  But Brees has been better with his Saints at 12-0 but it isn’t his  29 touchdowns and 10 interceptions that make him better.

Brees for starters hasn’t even lost one game this season.  Second Brees doesn’t even have one running back I would consider solid let alone the best running back in the game unlike Favre.  Brees has even made all his recievers looks like stars.  Third he doesn’t even have one Fav5 reciever, I mean Marques Colston is really good but he isn’t even close to Reggie Wayne.  I mean it doesn’t take Peyton Manning to throw Wayne touchdown passes.  So Manning is out of my MVP race.

The most important reason Brees is my MVP pick is that his team never feels that they are out of the game.  It is easier to play with a lead.  But the great ones no matter how many points they are down by make you feel that you are going to come back.  And Brees not only makes you feel that way but he has had his Saints come marching back against various deficits.

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