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Fool’s Gold

I’m going going, back back, to Cal Cali…… If your planning on taking a road trip up the coast of California any time soon, make sure you pop in something groovy on the tunes and please don’t forget to bring your sunscreen.  If we’re making suggestions, I tend to stay clear of the 4spf golden […]

Big Dollars for NFL Rookies?

If it flies, floats or [fill in the blank] , rent it by the hour… Now hold on, before you jump to conclusions let me fill in the blank before your crude mind does it for you.  If it flies, floats or [ is Andre Smith, Michael Crabtree or Eugene Monroe ], rent it by […]

A Fantasy Reality Check

Lets face it, the only people not exited for this years football season are Miss Piggy and the custodian stuck with cleanup from the millions of hot dog eating NFL fans tailgating nation wide getting ready for the game.  Long sentence?  Key words that should be taken away… ARE YOU READY FOR THE GAME?

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