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Flight Light 2010 (OJ Mayo PE)

“Okay, yo, —– lay low, get Mayo, like OJ yo, say —–”, in the wise words of Snoop Dogg.  OJ Mayo now has his very own player edition of the Flight Light 2010s.  They were just released at House of Hoops and no USC won’t pay you to buy them, you have to play football […]

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LeBron VIII V2 (Black-Grey)

The LeBron VIII V2 are shaping up to be a far superior product to the LeBronVIII (V1).  They are better looking, not boxy and lighter.  The only question is if the V1 is good and the V2 are better, how good will the V3 be?  Here you see them in their Black-Grey colorway, which isn’t nearly as […]

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Pre-Heat LeBron VIII NEWS

Eastbay will have the Pre-Heat LeBron VIII on November 19th.  So you no longer have to pay $400 on ebay just the retail price of $160.  Now all you have to do is wait.

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LeBron VIII V2 (X-Mas)

I don’t even celebrate Christmas but I am really excited this year, not just for the Ginger Bread and Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Pumpkin Pies, the Miami Heat playing the Los Angeles Lakers on Christmas Day, the after Christmas shopping but for the new LeBron VIII V2 (X-Mas colorway).  Eastbay will have these the day after […]

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Anta KG1

Kevin Garnett has done it again.  Yell and scream at some Euro-Kid to get the crowd going, not this time even though I love how he and Kobe do that to the most frail European basketball players they can.  He has signed with yet another shoe company.  What shoe company is left?  The man has gone […]

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Micro G Black Ice

Under Armour is making basketball shoes and their first signature shoe the Micro G Black Ice is out now!  This is also Milwaukee Bucks Brandon Jennings’ first signature shoe.  A good looking low to the ground shoe for sure.  They do look very similar to the Air Jordan 2010’s but for $110 instead of $170.  […]

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Load ‘N Launch Banned

Athletic Propulsion Labs vertical-influencing basketball shoes, the Load ‘N Launch, have just been banned by the NBA due to their “unfair competitive advantage”.  They must really work to have been banned by the NBA too bad they cost $300 so we all can’t run out and buy a pair.  From what I have read online, […]

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LeBron VIII V2

We have already seen the Lebron VIII and loved them but what’s this there is going to be a LeBron VIII V2.  Yes, Nike is trying to make money off LeBron anyway they can and I don’t blame them when they make sneakers as sweet as these.  We are used to several versions of the LeBron sneaker […]

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Penny Foamposites

The Penny Foamposites offically known as the Foamposite Ones (Dark Neon Royal) are coming back later this year for all to enjoy.

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LeBron VIII (Knicks Colorway)

Lebron James might have not decided to come to New York but at least you can feel like Lebron is a New York Knick in these sensational new LeBron VIII’s (New York Knicks Colorway).  Do I even have to tell you how well it matches all of your New York Knicks gear?  Also let’s not […]

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