Asphalt Injection Review

Timing is everything in business especially in the business of technology.  Wisely, Ubisoft made Asphalt Injection a launch date release for the PS Vita.  It looks great and really shows off the PS Vita for the first 30 min.  After that you figure out all the cars have the same characteristics on the race track even though there are over 45 cars.  I mean it’s such a waste of so many of the world’s most beautiful cars.  And why does every single race feel the same?  I mean during any race you will go from 6th to 1st back to 6th within a span of 20 seconds.  There is really no separation of cars.  Then when you pop another game in you will see the graphics while initially awesome with the Asphalt Injection they go to another level.  If you want a fun game to rent since Gamefly is taking their time with PS Vita releases go ahead and rent this one but if I were you I would wait till Ridge Racer releases on the 13th.  Hence, Ubisoft might not have made the best racing game but as a business their timing was impeccable since everyone will forget their game the second Ridge Racer releases.


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