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I recently discovered something was missing from my Fantasy Football life.  What was it?  I needed a new way of showing off  dominance in my field.  I needed a fantasy football league trophy.  But who could get me one? specializes in this very thing.  But there is alot more that I and my fellow fantasy sports players are missing.  I called up the President of, Thomas Harkins, for some answers. 

When did you first start playing Fantasy Football?

I have been playing predating the internet back in 1990.  I used local newspapers to generate player, using Philly Daily New adding points on Monday and would know news of how well we all did on Tuesday.  This was done with a bunch of guys from work.

Why should people get trophies for their Fantasy Leagues and why from you?

The money people play for is spent or given to the wife.  So the money doesn’t last very long but the trophy lasts forever.  That supersedes the money.  I know guys who have never won who talk about bringing the trophy home.  It makes it much more like professional sports.  People don’t kiss the money they kiss the trophy.

I feel we provide the best value for the dollar.  We run a low cost operation.  And I try to give value.

Fantasy Football Trophies page:

Why should people get decisions from a Fantasy Sports Judge and why from you?

A Fantasy Sports Judge is all about credibility.  Whether you work together or are friends, it is very hard to get a fair and impartial decision between friends.  People will think you are favoring one person over another.  The whole idea is to have someone who has no stake in your league can listen to the argument and come to a fair and equitable decision based on the merits of the case.  Especially in a work related where people tend to favor the boss of the company.  I do 50-100 decisions a year and I am always amazed by the anger and upheaval.  This way for $10 bucks you get a decision.  And I think that is worth a friendship.

Why should people use your Draft Boards?

The reason my draft boards are better is that you can customize them.    You can move the players around yourself.  I have a league of graphic artists who put up their own logos.  You can not only put logos but you can put your leagues names.

Where is the best place to play Fantasy Football?

CBS Sports is the best since we have been with them for years even though CBS is the most expensive, it costs $140 a season.   I like that they have live scoring.  They also keep a history of scoring for players from year to year and a records page which is automatically updated.  It’s fun to look back at league records and my two league championships.  I like doing just one fantasy team.  I find there is a lot more enjoyment.

Farhan Latif writes exclusively for CloudFantasy.  Email him here.

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