AI All Star?

Allen Iverson as of December 24th is an All Star Starter for the Eastern Conference.  Huh, I know I wrote alot of nice articles about him, but an All Star?  He has only played 8 games out of his teams 28 games.

Let’s look at his numbers in those 8 games, which I didn’t feel were all that magical, but all were good.  He has averaged 14.4 points, 4 assists and 2.8 rebounds with 46% shooting and  50% on 3-pointers (he made 1 out 2).  If it helps I will show the numbers he has put up in his 5 games with the 76ers.  15.6 points, 4.2 assists, 3.6 rebounds with 41% shooting and 0%  on 3 pointers (he missed his only attempt).

The NBA All Star game is a popularity contest after all, but wow.  Here are the Eastern Conference All Star guards for the last 10 years;  Allen Iverson 10 times, Vince Carter 8 times, Tracy McGrady 7 times, Jason Kidd 7 times, Dwyane Wade 5 times, Gilbert Arenas 3 times and Micheal Jordan 2 times.  Yes, I combined appearances for players who mostly played for the Eastern Conference, players who started at shooting guard mostly but some small forward and players who mostly started but sometimes came of the bench. 

Looking at this information it becomes clear why the fans first voted for Vince Carter to be the All Star starting guard next to Dwyane Wade then after the Answer came back for AI.  AI was cut from Memphis, retired for a few days then signed with the 76ers.  I don’t want to blame AI for what happened in Memphis because if the team didn’t try to bring him off the bench he would have put up an All Star performance so I am happy about this but still surprised. 

This makes sense of why the fans voted for Tmac to start for the West then smartly changed their mind.  Using this logic it is of little wonder the fans aren’t trying to start Jason Kidd now.  Steve Nash is now the leading the vote getter next  to Kobe Bryant.  After Steve Nash it is Tmac, Chris Paul and who else but Jason Kidd.  Those fans never change.   

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