2012 Nike NFL Jerseys

Like many I have waited a decade hoping for Nike to come back to bed with the NFL and it has finally happened.  So far a few items have come out and do look good but all most people really care about are the NFL Jerseys.  So are the 2012 Nike NFL Jerseys any good?  Sit down this is about to get complicated.


No matter which 2012 Nike NFL Jersey you buy they are all tighter than last year due to Nike thinking everyone is in now in killer shape while the average football jersey buyer clearly isn’t. So please go to a store, try one on and don’t be surprised that you will need one size bigger or maybe even two sizes bigger if you still want to wear your jersey baggy like we were in the 90’s. Oh and before I forget there are several price increases. Now with these disclaimers out of the way here is my take on all three of the 2012 Nike NFL Jerseys.


Let’s start with the Game Jersey (Replica).  Combining NFL.com and Eastbay’s thoughts, “There is a unique tailored fit that takes the armholes in, adjusts the sleeves and body length, to offer a more aesthetically pleasing fit and feel and even is designed for movement.  The sleeves, player name and number are all applied with a silicone print, offering long-lasting style and durability through washing. A heat transfer back neck label and sewn on jock tag (no-tag neck label) give another touch of authentic appeal and offers clean comfort and strategic ventilation for breathability. There is a TPU shield at V-neck.”  What do I say?  It looks and feels cheap and somehow has increased in price from $85 to $100.  Call it the Curse of the Swoosh.  This isn’t even close in quality to the Nike NFL Jersey’s back from the 90’s for $60 with way nicer material and featured this awesome single mesh Nike feeling.

Then there is the Limited (Premiere) Jersey which has always been very popular.  NFL.com says, “There are flexible premium twill numbers for an authentic feel.  It is hand crafted inside and out for lasting comfort.  There is a no-tag neck label offering clean comfort.  There is a woven jock tag at front lower left, a TPU shield at V-neck.  This jersey has a tailored fit designed for movement. There is Flywire strength that resists stretch around the neck, so it holds its shape. It has breathability due to strategic ventilation over major heat zones that helps keep you cool.”  What do I say?  Look for another hot seller well worth the price jump from $120 to $130-$135.  It has been improved not only in terms of quality, material and drape but in terms of making you look athletic.  Guess the tailored fit isn’t so bad after all (and going up one size isn’t that big of a deal).































Of course everyone would like to buy an Elite (Authentic) jersey.  NFL.com says, “There are flexible twill numbers.  Zoned stretch fabric at the sides is tailored for a precise fit and movement. Flywire strength resists stretch around the neck, so it holds its shape.  It has breathability due to its strategic ventilation over major heat zones that helps keep you cool.  There is water-repelling fabric to help keep you stay lightweight and dry.  A no-tag neck label and TPU metallic-effect shield at V-neck.  A laser-cut embossed jock tag.  The fabric contents of the Body are 91% Polyester and 9% Spandex while the Mesh fabric contents are 89% Polyester and 11% Spandex.”  Now what do I say?  Other than the Oakland Raiders and Green Bay Packers Nike is doing something downright hideous.  They are doing material blocking.  Yes, this is as bad as it sounds.  I mean it’s one thing to have one material on most of the jersey and a different material on the sides but then a different material on top of the other two right below the numbers?  When people see you walking down the street (with yourself thinking how Elite and Authentic  you are) all they will be thinking is how lost their eyes get by all of the different materials on your jersey (especially if you buy a white jersey).  You want people to look you over one time in one smooth look.  With this year’s Authentic people will think you bumped into Edward Scissorhands (and your tailor sewed on different materials after the fact).  This isn’t worth the $250 let alone any of your money due to it looking like an Authentic jersey after losing a street fight even though it is a price drop for the most part from last year’s $225-$310.






I am not trying to sway you in one way another but all I ask is before you buy a 2012 Nike NFL Jersey please go to a store first, figure out which of the three you like and find your size in that particular jersey since all three are sized differently, hell Elite has numeral sizing while Game and Legend have letter sizing.  While it is up to you to decide which 2012 Nike NFL Jersey is for you, personally I would only buy the Limited.

Farhan Latif writes exclusively for CloudFantasy. Email him here

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