2012 NBA Trade Deadline

For the first time since 2001 Pardon the Interruption & Around the Horn (2002) aren’t showing an NBA Trade Deadline Episode (due to March Madness) so it’s up to Cloud Fantasy to tell you about all of the 2012 NBA Trade Deadline deals in the most entertaining way humanly possible.  Let’s start of with half of the NBA’s Brazilian Population got traded today!  In the biggest deal of the day the Denver Nuggets traded Nene, the best Brazilain NBA Player Ever, for the Washington Wizards JaVale McGee and Ronny Turiaf.  While the LA Clippers traded Brian Cook and a future second-round pick to the Wizards for Nick Young.  There are two BIG winners in this trade, the Washington Wizards and LA Clippers.  While the Denver Nuggets pulled a Milwaukee Bucks 2.0, except their center Nene is a much better player and doesn’t get injured nearly as often just doesn’t play through minor injures enough, and they got McGee and Turiaf, not Monta Ellis. 

The Wizards got the best player in the trade, Nene, and have changed their culture all in one fell swoop.  There was no structure in Washington with McGee not even thinking while playing, making stupid play after stupid play, seen nightly on PTI.  Then there was Young just gunning the ball while never passing and playing zero defense.  Now if someone could just slap Andray Blatche upside the head the Wizards will be a playoff team next season with John Wall leading the show no longer looking around hoping and praying the young kids will behave, instead of their current 14th spot in the 15 team Eastern Conference (9-32 record).  The Clippers won BIG since they got Young for peanuts who will  now be forced to play defense and pass since he will share the back court with Chris Paul who runs a very tight ship.

In the other Brazilian trade of 2012 NBA Trade Deadline the Toronto Raptors traded Leandro Barbosa and his 7.6 million expiring contract for a second-round draft pick to the Indiana Pacers.  The Rapors were able to unclog their back court while cleaning up shop (salary wise).  While the Pacers got closer to the league minimum (spent on contracts).  Sounds reasonable to me.

The New Jersey Nets traded Shawne Williams, Mehmet Okur and a first-round pick (top 3 protected) to the Portland Trailblazers for Gerald Wallace.  I love this move for the Nets since early season talk was the Orlando Magic wanted Wallace in a trade package for Dwight Howard and Wallace is the kind of player who can help any team even the Nets in their quest to at the very least keep Deron Williams around.  While it is clear the Trailblazers wanted to get more cap space this summer and clearing up playing time for Nicolas Batum.  But this wasn’t the only Trazilblazer deal.

The Blazers also send Marcus Camby to the Houston Rockets for Hasheem Thabeet, Jonny Flynn and Minnesota’s second-round pick.  The Blazers want to get younger and save money so mission accomplished.  While the Rockets have been trying ever since the summer to get a big man of their liking and I think they will like the Cambyman.  The only problem is at this point of his career Camby is only good for his defense, rebounding and shotblocking, his offense just isn’t the same.

The LA Lakers traded Luke Walton, Jason Kapono and a 2012 first-rounder to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Ramon Sessions and Christian Eyenga.  What a move by the Lakers to finally get rid of Walton and finally getting a decent starting point guard in Sessions.  I honestly don’t know what the Cavs were thinking.  But I do know the Lakers made one more trade.

The Lakers also traded Derek Fisher and a first round pick, acquired from Dallas, to the Houston Rockets for Jordan Hill.  I love this move as well for LA.  Hill is a 3rd year, 6-10 230 Pound Center-Powerforward, who is currently putting up 5 points and 5 rebounds who will easily step right into LA as their first big man of the bench.  The Rockets must have really wanted this first round pick.

The Golden State Warriors traded Stephen Jackson to the San Antonio Spurs for Richard Jefferson,  TJ Ford and a first-round pick.  Sounds like a win-win to me and to Farhan.  The Warriors want to tank with Jefferson being the less talented of the two while recieving a first-round pick and the Spurs want to win more with Jackson.  That wasn’t all for the Warriors.

The Warriors also bought a secound-round pick from the Atlanta Hawks.  Which I got to say I like.

The Memphis Grizzlies traded Sam Young to the Philadelphia 76ers for the rights to Ricky Sanchez.  Another nice move, the Grizzlies wanted to get Young’s contract off the books while the 76ers have been wanting a big swingman.

All in all a fine 2012 NBA Trade Deadline but I do wish if Dwight Howard had done more than just opted in for next season but made a longer term commitment to some team and of course for Josh Smith to finally be set free from the Atlanta Hawks.

Ed Jones writes exclusively for CloudFantasy. Email him here

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