2012 NBA Free Agency: Deals

Buy Low and Sell High.  It works for the stock market and it works for the NBA.  Instead of OVERPAYING a B grade undersized shooting guard, Eric Gordon (seeking the highest bidder), or a B grade center, Roy Hibbert (Trailblazers offered), 4 years and $58 million or worst yet a C grade small forward Nicolas Batum (Timber-wolves offered) 4 years and $50 million why not sign a B grade shooting guard, O.J. Mayo, and a B grade combo forward, Michael Beasley who are just waiting for the right chance to explode into A grade players with 2 years and $10 million a piece?  And if your really smart there is a Kevin Garnet 2.0 waiting to happen for much less than a year and $4 million, Anthony Randolph.  Now let’s pretend the Chicago Bulls are smart and want to fix their team right away by adding some shooting, scoring and ball handling without wearing down the youngest MVP in the history of the NBA, Derrick Rose.  All they would have to do is amnesty power forward Carlos Boozer (they are going to it this season anyways) to free themselves from his remaining 2 years and $32.1 million then turn around and sign Mayo and Beasley to let them form their own BIG 3, the number 1, 2 and 3 picks in the 2009 NBA DRAFT, while maintaining their deep, tough, defensive, playoff experienced team.  They can even afford to easily resign center Omer Asik instead of losing him to the Rockets for 3 years and $25.1 million while also adding Randolph to finally learn how to play basketball from their fine remaining front court: center Joakim Noah, power forward Taj Gibson and small forward Luol Deng.  Your Welcome Chicago!

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