2012 NBA Free Agency: Brooklyn Nets

Why did we just have a lockout?  Too many owners crying over money since they OVERPAID players.  Guess what?  Yes, Rashard Lewis and his $21 million contract just got bought out (never worth more than $10-12 million).  It’s July 1st, the first day of 2012 NBA Free Agency and all I hear about is owners are dieing to OVERPAY players!  But the Brooklyn Nets really take the cake, first agreeing with versatile defensive small forward Gerald “Crash” Wallace for 4 years $40 million and now talking of trading a bunch of expiring contracts for All-Star guard Joe Johnson and his remaining 4 years and $90 million?  I mean even if the 2nd best point guard in basketball, Deron Williams, agrees to resign who wants a 29 year old (Wallace) with heavy millage on his body with a crashing style that gave him the knickname “Crash”.  Who has what a year or two left on his body till his athletic centric game becomes exposed?  Then there is Johnson who is on the wrong side of 30 (31 years old) for a shooting guard with heavy millage on his body?  JJ was overpaid by 25% ($5 Million) the second he signed two seasons ago but now somebody is willing to trade for him so they can do what make the second round of the playoffs on a team featuring center Brook Lopez (who has forgotten how to rebound), some power forward, Wallace, Johnson and Williams?  The best center in the game Dwight Howard has already said he wants to get traded there so trade for him so you can battle for championship with Williams instead of overpaying two players who have a shelf life of two years and making the second round of the playoffs.

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