2012 NBA DRAFT: The Review

The 2012 NBA DRAFT had quite a few surprises.  There was Dion Waiters (6’4, 221) a 6th man combo guard who only plays zone defense going 4th (huh) the Cavaliers.  Andre Drummond (7’0, 279) sliding to 9th, very nice pickup by the Pistons. But I do wonder if the Motor City will be OK with two BIG Men with a lack of Motor (the other being Greg Monroe 6’11, 250) while both are rather robotic (or mechanical) in nature.  Too bad Detroit’s new Robocop has already been cast or it would have been one hell of an audition.  Austin Rivers (6’5, 203) a shooting guard who thinks he is Kobe without the size, skill or talent having to play point guard going 10th to the Hornets.  Royce White (6’8, 261) going 16th even though he is scared of flying and has an anxiety disorder to the Rockets.  Jared Sullinger (6’9, 268) sliding past the Magic (19th Andrew Nicholson) and the Nuggets (20th Evan Fournier) and going 21st to the Boston Celtics.  Perry Jones III (6’11, 234) sliding to the Thunder who know a steal when they see one (meniscus issue in his knee not that big of a deal at this spot).  Marquis Teague (6’2, 180) sliding to 29th to the Bulls who need a point guard in the worst way.  They wanted the next player I am about to mention next but Teague was too good to pass up.  Tyshawn Taylor (6’4, 177) a great defending Kansas Jayhawk point guard who can change the pace of the bench sliding to the Round 2 Pick 11 to the Trailblazers getting later traded to the Nets.  Hey, if Brooklyn can’t get Derron Williams (6’3, 209) and/or Dwight Howard (6’11, 265) they will need somebody on their new posters!

Now on to what was of no surprise to Cloud Fantasy readers, two of the 2012 NBA Draft Predictions coming true starting off with the the Sacramento Kings draft selection.  “The most popular team at this location, the Charlotte Hornets”!, can be recreated by one NBA Lottery Team already featuring a Big Man (6’11, 270) (a potential Top 10 player) who could desperately use a Big Man (6’7-6’10, 235) to teach him how to be a tough defender, not let stuff get to him and focus on winning basketball games.  Of course, I am speaking of drafting Thomas Robinson from Kansas but who is this Big Man I speak of?  Why, DeMarcus Cousins from the Sacramento Kings.  The Kings do hold the 5th spot in this year’s draft.  The same exact spot where back in 2010 they drafted Mr. Cousins, CloudFantasy’s 2011 NBA Rookie of the Year, and Mr. “If you think I’m such a cancer to this team, then trade me now” (but more on that in a bit).  To make them the Charlotte Hornets 2.0 official we must remember they have shooting guard Tyreke Evans (6’6, 220), the 2010 NBA Rookie Of the Year, playing the part of shooting guard Kendall Gill (6’5, 195) from those Charlotte Hornets teams of the early to mid 90’s.”  But don’t take my word for it Myron Medcalf (ESPN) has said, “let’s check Cousins’ numbers from last season. 18/11. Not bad. He had some side drama last year but Cousins’ produced.  If the chemistry works, wow. Will be a great young frontcourt, one of the best in the league.”  Or Sam Amick (SI), “he’ll be dangerous alongside emerging center DeMarcus Cousins, who had already added a serious dose of nasty to the Kings’ personality. They’ll be feisty, talented, dangerous and fun to watch.”  Even Chad Ford (ESPN), “this is a dream scenario for the Kings. They need the toughness, the rebounding and the motor that Robinson brings to the table. I think he’s the perfect fit in the frontcourt alongside DeMarcus Cousins.”

The other 2012 NBA Draft Predictions that came true was ……”But I already know what the Warriors are going to do.  Who is the softest, offense only, never going to be a Star available at 7th?  Hello, Ohio State’s Jared Sullinger (6’9, 280) or for their backup choice the equally nondescript Harrison Barnes (6’8, 210).  Sounds like more Mike Dunleavy Logic.”  Well at least small forward, “Kansas Alum, Brandon Rush (6’6, 225), must be resigned” happened.  The Warriors had two much better choices, to get what they needed: defense and rebounding with some toughness.  One was to draft Andre Drummond and the second was to trade the pick plus their choice of bad contract (Andris Biedrins/Richard Jefferson) for 25 year-old small forward Wilson Chandler (6’8, 225) and the 12th or 20th pick (depending on which rumor you believe).  Years from now Harrison Barnes might be a better player but remember “the Warriors don’t have any point guards like North Carolina’s Kendall Marshall, who always looked to pass first and made a habit out of making Barnes look good” and Wilson Chandler doesn’t wake up out of bed without rebounding and playing defense.  Now if the rumor about the 7th pick for the 27 year-old Deng (6’9, 220); the very versatile defensive All-Star small forward from the Chicago Bulls (who I just heard doesn’t need surgery after all), was true that would have been even better.  Ideally, I would have tried to trade up for Thomas Robinson but the Houston Rockets offered a Kings Ransom (numerous picks, point guard Kyle Lowery (6’0, 205) and more) and got turned down so I am sure the Warriors offer of even all 4 of their picks (7th, 30th, 36th, 52nd) and D. Wright (6’9, 205) (who wants out) would have just gotten laughed at.  Of course trading the pick for Josh Smith (6’9, 225) or Andre Iguodala (6’6, 207) would have been awesome but neither offer was ever on the table.  Their second pick at 30th, the last pick of the first round, Festus Ezeli (6’11. 255) was nice, a center who rebounds and plays defense.  But Tyshawn Taylor was sliding and they really need a backup point guard especially one that  is great at defending and changing the pace of the bench.

But I guess the only thing we will remember years from now is the lack of trades after all of the innuendo!

Farhan Latif writes exclusively for CloudFantasy. Email him here

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