2012 NBA Draft Predictions: Part 3 – GS Warriors

A NBA Championship might be hard to come by but making the playoffs isn’t impossible but you need more than just a bunch of alright players, especially a bunch of alright, soft, offense only (B grade at best) players.  Of course the Warriors will be better without last year’s undersized backcourt and with a defensive center, Andrew Bogut (7’0, 260), but there is still work to be done.  Having a Star makes making the playoffs a lot easier.  I have put together an easy to follow three part plan to make the Golden State Warriors a 2nd round playoff team for the next five years with a Star that Stephen Curry (6’3, 185) can complement. Yes, Curry on defense will still get blown by opposing players but the Warriors will feature 4 of the baddest men the NBA could find next to him (to cover for his defensive lapses) on this Top 5 defensive team featuring the best defensive closing unit in all of basketball with muscles on top of muscles on top of muscles.

The Warriors have to most effectively use all of their pieces in this year’s draft to land the two the players they want, not just draft a bunch of riff raff.  The first player is a Star Big Man, a Big Scoring Power Forward, being my number 1 pick, Thomas Robinson (6’7-6’10, 235).   He might even slip all the way to the Warriors number 7 draft spot but the Warriors have to be aggressive, work the phones, gather intel on where he is going to go and trade up to get him if need be.  The Warriors have that 7th pick plus the last pick of the first round, the 30th pick (pretty much paying first round money for a second round guy), Dorell Wright (who wants out and the Warriors are just more than happy to help with a $4.1 Million expiring contract) and two 2nd rounders, 36th and 52nd.

After Thomas Robinson has been acquired the Warriors need to take the leftover pieces plus David Lee and trade them for a new small forward.  We all know Danny Granger and Rudy Gay are on the market but they won’t fix anything but score 20 points per game demanding shots.  There is yet another small forward being offered non-stop with more letters in his name and muscles on his body than almost anybody while being a shutdown defender and a team player.  Yes, I am speaking of the Philadelphia 76ers Andre Iguodala (6’6, 207)!  Think about it, Andrew Bogut, Thomas Robinson, Andre Iguodala, Klay Thompson (6’7, 205) and Stephen Curry to start.

Now I would love to trade Lee for Josh Smith who could be a Top 10 or even a Top 5 player.  Of course he would have to be coached correctly, properly motivated and somewhat well behaved.  Then plug him in at small forward, his real position, but there is no way the Atlanta Hawks will take Lee and even Wright, 30th, 36th and 52nd pick for their only real trad-able asset.  They will want that 7th pick just to start a conversation.  And the Warriors have to be smart and realize even thought I love Josh Smith, he is ready to explode and kill everyone at any moment so it could blow up in thier face.  While nothing gets to Robinson who lost his grandmother, grandfather, and mother all within three weeks of each other and still dominated.  Besides that Robinson and Iguodala will help lot more than Lee and Smith.  Plus after acquiring Robinson the 3rd move will be a lot easier.

Fellow Kansas Alum, Brandon Rush (6’6, 225), must be resigned.  So the best defensive closing unit in all of basketball with muscles on top of muscles on top of muscles will feature Andrew Bogut, Thomas Robinson, Andre Iguodala, Brandon Rush and Stephen Curry.  Tell me anybody who wants to play against that team?  Even Dwyane Wade and LeBron James can’t muscle their way to the basket against these guys!  Welcome to Shut Down Defense and Hard Fouls NBA, now you can feel the Oaktown Flavor (well I did say five years).

Golden State Warriors, stop overvaluing your own guys.  Where is that getting you?  Not to the playoffs, that much is for sure.  But I already know what the Warriors are going to do.  Who is the softest, offense only, never going to be a Star available at 7th?  Hello, Ohio State’s Jared Sullinger (6’9, 280) or for their backup choice the equally nondescript Harrison Barnes (6’8, 210).  Sounds like more Mike Dunleavy Logic.

Stay tuned for 2012 NBA Draft Predictions: Part 4 – Charlotte Hornets 2.0 coming tomorrow.  (Yes, I do mean Charlotte Hornets 2.0 since the Charlotte Hornets 1992-1995 will be recreated by another team.)

Farhan Latif writes exclusively for CloudFantasy. Email him here

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