2012 NBA Draft Predictions: Part 2 – Paul Pierce 2.0 (Draft Stock Slipping)

Yesterday, I made it clear Anthony Davis (6’10, 220) isn’t the best player in this year’s draft and had alluded to a Star Big Man, a Big Scoring Power Forward, being my number 1 pick.  What I didn’t allude to is this Star Big Man’s stock is dropping because too many teams are obsessed with their needs and their fit and not talent.  This is very similar what his fellow Kansas Alum, Paul Pierce, experienced back in the 1998 Draft.  Yes, I am speaking of Thomas Robinson.

ESPN’s NBA Draft Expert Chad Ford says, “Robinson is a long, athletic big man, very physical, excellent rebounder, explosive leaper, strong, NBA body, tough defender, dramatically improved offensive game.”  What part of that doesn’t leap off the page and smack you in the face with number 1 pick?

In his junior season and the only season he got any real playing time he turned into an 18 points and 11.9 rebounds averaging Machine who lead the overachieving Kansas Jayhawks to damn near a NCAA Championship.   It didn’t even matter that he lost his grandmother, grandfather, and mother all within three weeks of each other, he still dominated.  You don’t get named 2012 First Team Associated Press, CBSSports.com, Sporting News and NABC All American for nothing.  Let alone get named the 2012 Big 12 Conference, Associated Press Big 12 and ESPN.com Men’s Basketball Player of the Year.  He was even a 2012 John R. Wooden Award and Naismith College Player of the Year Finalist.  So the potential for more is there.

There is one non-issue with Robinson, his height.

Some say he is 6’7 while Ford has him at 6’9 but even he says, “he is a bit undersized for his position.”  Now I did say non-issue because if you take one look at today’s NBA being a power forward at 6’7 won’t hurt you that much as the 90’s since the NBA is full of small forwards pretending to be power forwards without the proper height let alone proper power.  Then again this might all be a mute issue since some say Robinson is as tall as 6’10 and everyone agrees he is a menacing 237 Pounds!  But there is one real issue with him.

For years many Big Men have wanted to show off parts of their game that they don’t even possess (since it looks cool).  Ford points this issue out better than I, “Robinson can sometimes get distracted with his perimeter game” which he doesn’t have but got away with it since he was in college after all (trying all those fancy moves).  Yes, Robinson can knockdown a 10-12 foot jumper but he doesn’t need to be dribbling from the free throw line just because he can.  As long as he has a coach with some backbone who tells him to go to the low post and I don’t hear the following we will be alright.

“I am not a power forward, I want to clear that up.  I am a small forward who can play the four—I think that’s a big difference, between power forward, small forward and an in-betweener. I am a small forward that can play the four. I am not going to shy away from going into the post if I have a mismatch—that is what I did this season. I had a lot of mismatches—slower guy, I take him outside and drive past him; smaller guy, I am going to be able to post him up.”  Good Luck with that guy, Minnesota Timberwolves, with your 2011 NBA 2nd Pick, Derrick Williams (6’8, 241).

And hey if you really want Anthony Davis, you can get a better version of him with the same first name, way cheaper (as long as you have the right coaching staff in place).  Just call up the Minnesota Timberwolves, they aren’t that bright they drafted Williams 2nd after all, and ask for Anthony Randolph (6’11, 225) for pennies on the dollar.  And if you really want to have a goodtime, draft Robinson and trade for Randolph and have your frontline set up for the next 15 years.

Stay tuned for 2012 NBA Draft Predictions: Part 3 – GS Warriors coming tomorrow.

Farhan Latif writes exclusively for CloudFantasy.  Email him here

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