2012 NBA All-Star Weekend

“All-Star Weekend is back, All-Star Weekend is back!”, no I am not Magic Johnson so I am not paid to lie to you.  So far this has been the worst, repeat, worst NBA All-Star Weekend of all time.  It started with the Rising Stars Challenge changing the format to no more Rookie Sophmore Challenge which may or may not have resulted in your losing all interest during the second half when neither team was trying to win just trying to wrap the game up.  Then NBA All-Star Saturday was borrriiiiinnnnnnggg from start to end.  I mean name one dunk you will remember, hell name one dunk you will remember tomorrow.  And dunking over a little kid even if his name is Diddy is nothing special.  But tomorrow is the NBA All-Star Game so SMILE!  One of my Fav5 days of the year is TOMORROW at 4:00 PM WST on TNT!!!!

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