2012 MLB All-Star Game

The Major League Baseball All-Star Game is tonight at 4:30 WST on FOX.  One of my Fav5 days of the year for not only the All-Stars themselves but for how it reminds me how it truly is the  “Midsummer Classic”.  On a Tuesday Night in July there really is no excuse not to be watching this game.  Now if your a fan of one of the following American League Teams then you really have no excuse; the Texas Rangers 8 All-Stars (3 Starters), the New York Yankees 3 All-Stars (2 Starters) the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 4 All-Stars.  Then moving on to the National League if your a SF Giants Fan you have to watch with half of the starting lineup; 4 SF Giants (4 Starters) or a St. Louis Cardinals Fan with 6 All-Stars or even an Atlanta Braves Fan with 4 All-Stars (1 Starter).  For a Bay Area Baseball Fan there is the added intrigue of not only 4 SF Giants All-Star Starters including the Starting Pitcher and an Oakland Athletic All-Star but of seeing recent half season rentals of Sluggers in All-Star Starter Carlos Beltrán (formerly of the SF Giants) and Matt Holliday (formerly of the Oakland Athletics) both currently representing the St. Louis Cardinals.

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