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Ridge Racer Review

Back in 2005 when the PSP released everyone couldn’t wait to get their hands on the launch title Ridge Racer.  Now almost 7 years to the day (3/24/2005 compared to 3/15/2012) there is a new Ridge Racer in town.  Unfortunately even with it’s PS3 level graphics the newest Ridge Racer is just too limited in terms […]

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Virtua Tennis 4 World Tour Edition Review

It was the early 2000′s and I and a friend, John Bayan, decided to take a break from studying and hit San Jose State’s Arcade.  After playing the latest ripoff of NBA JAM John B told me, “You will love Virtua Tennis”.  Of course I said, “Tennis, are you kidding me”.  John B countered with, “You don’t even […]

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2012 NBA Trade Deadline

For the first time since 2001 Pardon the Interruption & Around the Horn (2002) aren’t showing an NBA Trade Deadline Episode (due to March Madness) so it’s up to Cloud Fantasy to tell you about all of the 2012 NBA Trade Deadline deals in the most entertaining way humanly possible.  Let’s start of with half of the […]

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The Warriors be TANKING!

The Golden State Warriors are OFFICALLY TANKING!  They just traded Stephen Jackson to the San Antonio Spurs for Richard Jefferson and a first round pick in this years deep draft.  Jefferson is no longer the high flying first option on a deep playoff team but an aging veteran whose role and shots have been going down […]

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Capt Jack & Bogut Warriors

The Bay got Randy Moss on Monday and today Stephen Jackson and Andrew Bogut, wow!  For those of you scoring at home that is two gangster rapping players and the best Australian NBA Player of All Time!  The Golden State Warriors got what they so sorely lack, size and defense in the form of a […]

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Race to Rice

After Jerry Rice made it very clear on ESPN Randy Moss could have been a better wide reciever than even himself, The GOAT, Moss has un-retired and signed with the SF 49ers today?  What does this mean?  Will Rice and Moss make nice?  Will they even look in each other directions?  Will shaking hands be […]

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Ricky Rubio Out

Ricky Rubio is out for the rest of the season days after landing this offensive SLAM Cover.  On one hand I am sad Rubio, my Rookie of the Year pick is out for the rest of the season (even though Kyrie Irving might be the better player).  On the other hand how do you go from […]

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Peyton Manning Cut

Peyton Manning will be officially cut by the Indianapolis Colts tomorrow.  Now everyone is talking about where should be go?  I for one say he should head West and Quarterback the SF 49ers.  Manning might have had his third neck surgery in 19 months, a fusion of two vertebrae, and be turning 36  later this […]

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Asphalt Injection Review

Timing is everything in business especially in the business of technology.  Wisely, Ubisoft made Asphalt Injection a launch date release for the PS Vita.  It looks great and really shows off the PS Vita for the first 30 min.  After that you figure out all the cars have the same characteristics on the race track […]

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March 4, 2012 NBA SUNDAY

It’s March 4, 2012 and dare I say it’s NBA SUNDAY!  I mean they are two of the greatest games on TV today!  Let’s start bright and early at 10 AM WST with the New York Knicks going to the Boston Garden.  Can Lin keep the -sanity on the road, at the Boston (TD) Garden?  […]

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