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After dropping $14.70 on ebay Monday Night just to get my hands on this rare $8 magazine I somehow ended up at Safeway (Milpitas, CA Location) at 11:30PM Tuesday and to my dismay I saw 6 copies of this rare bird!  After looking over this Special Collector’s Issue I can tell you it is well […]

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Air Force 1 High Lux Max Air 30th Anniversary

Traveling in style, such as the President, has always called for the Air Force 1.  Now Nike has taken that one step further with their new style of the Air Force 1 in celebration of the Air Force 1′s 30th Anniversary, the Air Force 1 High Lux Max Air 30th Anniversary.  There is a full […]

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Spree’s Lin’s Favorite Player

Watching Jeremy Lin the past few weeks I have wondered why does this player resonate with me so much and why does it feel so familiar?  What is it that he is doing?  Now I have figured it out.  Lin has just said his favorite player growing up was Latrell Sprewell who is also my favorite NBA […]

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2012 NBA All-Star Game MVP and Wade’s 3 Shoes

How did Kevin Durant win the 2012 NBA All-Star Game MVP over the two best players in the game?   Dwyane Wade not only who wore 3 different pairs of shoes (all pictured inside) to the 2012 NBA All-Star Weekend (2 in the All-Star Game) but had a Triple Double of 24 points on 11 of […]

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2012 NBA All-Star Weekend

“All-Star Weekend is back, All-Star Weekend is back!”, no I am not Magic Johnson so I am not paid to lie to you.  So far this has been the worst, repeat, worst NBA All-Star Weekend of all time.  It started with the Rising Stars Challenge changing the format to no more Rookie Sophmore Challenge which […]

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Air Jordan 2012 Lite

So you were waiting last night for the Jordan Fly Wade II All-Star (Varsity Royal/Midnight Navy/White) to release to only find out just like last year Dwayne Wade’s All-Star shoe will just be made up to size 13 and wanted to cry.  Never fear for the Air Jordan 2012 Lite are coming out in a […]

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Linsanity is Legit!

I don’t like to overreact to small sample sizes when it comes down to analysing NBA Players but after seeing Jeremy Lin bring Linsanity to National Television against the defending NBA Champions, Dallas Mavericks, I have to declare Linsanity is Legit!  After 9 games Lin isn’t slipping at all if anything he is getting better even […]

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EA: Grand Slam Tennis 2

With the SAP Open being in town in nearby San Jose, CA and EA Sports: Grand Slam Tennis 2 (PS3) and Virtua Tennis 4 World Tour Edition (PS Vita) releasing this week there is a Tennis Frenzy in the Bay Area!  But EA Sports has dropped the (yellow) ball with Grand Slam Tennis 2.  I […]

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Lin Meloing Carmelo

“That’s why I think it’s funny right now.  Some people are talking about, ‘Oh, can Melo adjust into the system? I mean, Melo wants to adjust to the system, and he doesn’t want to shoot 30 shots a game.  The fact that he vouched for me shows a lot about him.  (Carmelo Anthony told coach […]

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Air Jordan 2012 System Of Flight Unveiling (Video)

Here is a five minute video of the Air Jordan 2012 System Of Flight Unveiled right in front of your eyes in Graffic Detail! You will see it all from the two different fits (booties): a hi-fit inner sleeve and a mid-cut inner sleeve. The three different internal inserts (insoles) for a custom ride: a […]

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