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Hard Hits, Concussions and Art with Cedrick Dawson

“It was just the way I was raised, hit people as hard as you can.  (Baltimore Ravens Linebacker) Ray Lewis is complaining about the rules changing.  Football players can adjust to it.  You don’t see as many head on head collisions as you used to.  (Then again) you saw Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver, DeSean Jackson […]

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Greg Oden Gets Qualifer

The Portland Trail Blazers did the only thing they could do and offered Greg Oden an $8.8 million qualifying offer.  He might have only played 61 games his rookie season and then 21 this past season but he did put up 11.1 points, 8.4 rebounds, 2.3 blocks with 60.5% shooting in only 23.9 minutes a game.  Think about […]

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TO Ready!

“He’s many, many months into his recovery now.  He’s doing fantastic.  He is a legendary healer. He comes back from injury faster than anybody I’ve ever seen.  He’s been around people for months that had no idea he had this surgery.  The most important thing to him is he would like to win.”  These was […]

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Denver Nuggets Dream Over

The Denver Nuggets Dream is Over.  There will no longer be a team full of young B grade players that go two deep at every position.  It would have been fun to see if they could have won a championship but as we saw in last year’s playoffs in the clutch they were lacking a […]

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Air Jordan Retro 1 Phat Mid White Carbon Fiber

Everyone loves Carbon Fiber in terms of car interior, men’s jewerly and their basketball shoes.  Now Air Jordan is taking Carbon Fiber one step futher and making their Air Jordan Retro 1 Phat Mid with White Carbon Fiber.  White Carbon Fiber, wow!  I have never even dreamed of such a thing.  There is an White […]

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Simmons Vs. Kahn

KAHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN (Minnesota Timberwolves President David Kahn), as Bill Simmons would say, finally had his chance to counter all of the problems Simmons has with him.  This is the most gripping interview I have heard in along time.  Trust me, if you follow Simmons at all you know that Simmons has a lundry list of problems […]

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Jonny (Flynn) Be Good

A few months ago I was talking about the Houston Rockets history of point guard turnover featuring their Trade Deadline Deal of their 2009- 2010′s NBA Most Improved Player, Aaron Brooks, for Goran Dragic.  Now they have traded peanuts for Jonny Flynn.  Yes, Jonny Flynn, the 6th Pick of the 2009 NBA Draft.  The Rockets might have Kyle Lowry […]

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Bucks Get Captain Jack

The Milwaukee Bucks are not joking around about getting back to the playoffs.  They have just pulled off a masterfull trade.  They traded the 10th pick in the draft and the questionable contracts of John Salmons and Corey Maggette for Stephen Jackson, Beno Udrih, Shaun Livingston and even the 19th pick.  Wow, so not only […]

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2011 NBA Draft Tonight

One of my favorite days of the year is tonight, yes, the 2011 NBA Draft is on ESPN at 4:30 WST with the pregame show at 4:00 WST.  While it’s true this is a weak draft with no clear Super Stars and way too many players with too little experience and more Euro’s than one can […]

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Cars 2 Review

If you love Cars 2 The Movie, Cars The Movie or the just the whole concept of a bunch of cartoonish cars with personality you will love Cars 2, The Video Game.  This is clearly the kind of game you would play for 30 minutes than bore of but if you have young children they […]

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