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2011 Fantasy Football 101

Having  just done a Fantasy Football Draft and Mock Draft I have made many observations.  Chris Johnson who you can argue is the best Fantasy Football Player is only going as high as 5th in most draft due to everyone being so scared he isn’t going to sign, if you can draft Johnson 2nd (Adrian […]

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Jordan 6 Rings Carbon Fiber

I have never been of the Jordan 6 Rings but, Carbon Fiber, come on now!  Carbon Fiber my friends, on a pair of Air Jordans no less.  Just look at them, wow.  September 17th they can be yours for $160.  There is a combo upper of Black mesh with Black Carbon Fiber textured leather and […]

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Heath Bell a SF Giant

One All-Star closer goes down just bring in another All-Star closer, this sounds like a solid move to me.  The SF Giants have claimed San Diego Padres closer Heath Bell off waivers.  So now Brian Wilson, who is on the disabled list with inflammation in his right elbow, can take it easy and come back when […]

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NFL Sunday Ticket on PS3

What can be more fun than playing Madden on your PS3?  How about watching all the NFL games (other than local broadcasts)?  Yes, NFL Sunday Ticket is now available on your PS3 in Full HD with Red Zone included.  Before you had to sign a two year DirecTV contact for $60 a month or pay $400 for […]

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Terrelle Pryor a Raider!

Terrelle Pryor gangster rapped his way out of Ohio State all the way to Oaktown (as a third-round pick in Monday’s NFL supplemental draft).  But can Pryor play?  I really don’t think he is a starting quarterback in the NFL but then again none of the Oakland Raiders quarterbacks are anything special.  Hopefully he plays wide […]

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Kicks 14

Summer is almost over.  You might ask how do I know?  Well, Kicks 14 is here!  This year Slam is bringing us three different Kicks Covers: Monta Ellis, Rajon Rondo and Kemba Walker.   Unfortunately, for the first time ever I can’t tell you to run out to Barnes and Noble (Boarders is long gone) and […]

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Rodman Kills HOF Speech

Rodman killed his Hall of Fame speech!  Dennis, Dennis, Dennis, you have done it again with one of the best Hall of Fame speech’s I have heard in my life.  You laughed, cried, cursed, went over career highlights, did a wardrobe change, thanked your wife for being a good wife and mother to your children, apologized […]

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Yao Ming a 2012 HOF

There is serious talk about Yao Ming being a 2012 Naismith Basketball Hall of Famer which I feel is reason to celebrate.  He would have to go in as a contributor to not have to wait the 5 years but still, the Hall of Fame!  Don’t worry in 2017 he will make the Hall of Fame […]

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2013 NBA All-Star Houston

Houston is getting NBA All-Star Weekend yet again this time in 2013.  They last had it in 2006 before that they had it at the Astrodome in 1989.  NBA Players seem to like Houston allot so I am sure they are alright with this decision.

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Madden 12 Demo OUT NOW!

The Madden 12 Demo is out now!  Go download it for your PS3 or XBOX 360!  But I must warn you this year’s demo is really stripped down.  It’s hard to tell how good the game is based on this years demo.  Never fear for Cloud Fantasy will have a full review when Madden 12 […]

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