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LeBron VIII PS Pre-Sale

There are two new coloraways of the LeBron VIII PS available for pre-sale through May 12 that will ship on May 13 on, the Royal Blue/Black and the Dunkman colorway (Metallic Silver/White-Neon Green).  I am personally not the biggest fan of either and think you might just be able to wait till May 13th and […]

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Julio Jones Trade

The Atlanta Falcons want to win a Super Bowl.  So they made a blockbuster trade for wide receiver, Julio Jones, who they obtained the rights from after a trade with the Cleveland Browns for the 6th selection in the 2011 NFL Draft.  I don’t want to debate how good of a player Jones is but they gave up their first round pick […]

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Sony Ericsson Arc Preview

Some people are waiting for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play and for probably $200 at Verizon (in the US) it might not be a bad idea.  But I have to ask instead of being stuck with paying $40 a month for a data plan for 2 years why not buy the way more powerful PSP2 (NGP) for […]

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NFL Draft Nike Pro Combat Pack Gifts

Patrick Peterson & Nick Fairley got a lovely Nike Team gift package: a Nike Pro Combat pack that features a pair of Nike Alpha Talon cleats, a pair of Nike Free Run 2 sneakers, an iPod Touch and more.  Wow, I wish if I got special stuff from Nike when I started new jobs and might […]

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Nike Air Max 97 (White-Black Patent)

One of the best shoes of all time, the Nike Air Max 97, is getting one hell of a new coloraway , White-Black Patent.  We are talking a white mesh upper with a black patent leather mudguard and a 3M reflective stripe doesn’t hurt.  These are out now at select Nike accounts including Sneaker Bistro.

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2011 NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is this Thursday and you don’t know if you should watch or not.  I mean the players are on strike should you too go on strike and not watch?  Well, the NFL Draft might be no NBA Draft but at least the first round is always a worthwhile experience especially considering for […]

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DirecTV Ad

You already married their daughter.  There is no need to get International Channels from Dish Network to make them happy.  You remember the way they shook your hand at the wedding.  “Thank You, Thank You”.  Come get your NFL Package from DirecTV. DirecTV has a new angle and I like it.  Say’s so much in […]

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Sony’s Top Guy Dead

Back in the 80′s and 90′s when Sony was running the world and Apple was just a joke, Norio Ohga was running Sony as their president and then later chairman.  The AP has said, “the flamboyant music connoisseur steered his work through his love of music.  Shattering the stereotype of the staid Japanese executive, the […]

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A-Rod’s ESPN Money Issue

Wow, A-Rod is soo rich ESPN gave him a cover just to talk of how rich he is.  Could you imagine what he could do now?  I mean he already has A grade actresses feeding him popcorn but now?  The possibilities are endless.

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Air Force 1 High Foamposite (White)

“Wow, your shoes are so white”, my kid sister.  “I wiped them with Kobe Bryant”, my response.  “Damn, now that’s white”, my kid sister. I think I have found the whitest thing ever, no not Ben Affleck or even Dane Cook but these Air Force 1 High Foamposite (White).  These are a quick strike release that […]

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