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Cowboys Need Wins

Exciting Players, High Scoring, Beautiful Girlfriends, Hott Cheerleaders, the Best Stadium in the World, Great Logo, Fantasy Points for everyone but only one win, Ladies and Gentlemen your 2010 Dallas Cowboys.  For the Cowboys sake I hope they start cutting down on all of their penalties so can do more than just host the Super […]

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“The Molina Series”

We all remember the last time the Bay Area has been in a Championship Game (or Series), Super Bowl XXXVII in 2003, where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Head Coach, Jon Gruden, knew exactly what his former team, the Oakland Raiders, were going to do before they did it.  Now the question is will the Bay […]

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Micro G Black Ice

Under Armour is making basketball shoes and their first signature shoe the Micro G Black Ice is out now!  This is also Milwaukee Bucks Brandon Jennings’ first signature shoe.  A good looking low to the ground shoe for sure.  They do look very similar to the Air Jordan 2010’s but for $110 instead of $170.  […]

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Ron Washington’s Recovery

“I’m The Real Iron Man You Just Robert Downey, A Crack Head And Black Face Fresh Out The County”, Ice Cube on Soul On Ice off his new CD I Am The West.  In America we are used to people getting second, third and sometimes even fourth chances but how often do we see someone […]

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Iverson Gone?

Allen Iverson might be leaving the NBA soon.  Reports are coming in he has agreed in principle to a two-year, $4 million contract with the Turkish pro team Besiktas.  I hope really at the last second an NBA team steps in and signs AI to a contract.  It wouldn’t hurt if David Stern told NBA […]

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PlayStation Move

So is the PlayStation Move worth the $99.99 for Sports Champions, PlayStation Move controller and the PlayStation Eye camera?  Yes, it is, getting to play beach volleyball, disc golf, bocce, table tennis, archery, and gladiator all on a video game system while jumping up and down and moving in your living room is too much to handle.  The […]

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NFL Week 7 Picks

Week 7 is almost here and some of the biggest rivalry games in the NFL will be taking place.  The Oakland Raiders at the Denver Broncos might not be the most exciting but it will be an ugly and close game with bitter feelings with the Broncos riding high at Mile High Stadium.  Sunday Night […]

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NBA Warmup Jackets

First Adidas improved the NBA authentic jerseys then Nike landed a new 10 year contract with the NFL for jerseys, all on field and sideline apparel and now Adidas has taken the NBA on court warm up jacket to the next level.  Things are certainly looking up for sports merchandise.  I didn’t even know Adidas […]

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Load ‘N Launch Banned

Athletic Propulsion Labs vertical-influencing basketball shoes, the Load ‘N Launch, have just been banned by the NBA due to their “unfair competitive advantage”.  They must really work to have been banned by the NBA too bad they cost $300 so we all can’t run out and buy a pair.  From what I have read online, […]

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LeBron VIII V2

We have already seen the Lebron VIII and loved them but what’s this there is going to be a LeBron VIII V2.  Yes, Nike is trying to make money off LeBron anyway they can and I don’t blame them when they make sneakers as sweet as these.  We are used to several versions of the LeBron sneaker […]

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