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Backbreaker Review

Backbreaker is the latest football video game on the market.  Its not made by EA Sports, so you know it isn’t officially licensed by the NFL so there are no current NFL players in the game nor are there any former players in the game similar to 2K Sports, All-Pro Football 2K8.  So what does it […]

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2010 NBA Finals Preview

The key to the NBA Finals is going to be defense, toughness and how Kevin Garnet, Nate Robinson, Rajon Rondo perform.  If KG continues to slap around the Lakers and Nate Dogg and Rando go flying by the Lakers backcourt this series will be over in 5 games, maybe 6.  If the Lakers want a chance of […]

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Air Jordan 2010 Black

Micheal Jordan didn’t start winning championships till he started lifting so I decided to lift with my new Air Jordans on.  The shoes sure are pretty to look at and feel like money.  But the fit and performance wasn’t what I was expecting.  I am going to wait till I wear them a few more […]

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The hottest rumor on the streets is Micheal Jordan will not only be in NBA 2K11 but be on the cover as well.  If this doesn’t get the crowd going I don’t know what will.  To make it even better 2K is trying to get some other players from his era to sign up as […]

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Patrick Crayton Wants Out

“To me, you’re messing with people’s careers and people’s lives.  The thing is, you want to be wanted.  So in order to be wanted and felt wanted … why would you go to a place that you’re not feeling that way?  I’m not sure if I’m wanted or not wanted.”

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House of Hoops Part 2

I got to House of Hoops from CloudFantasy headquarters at 3pm.  No traffic, so I got there in 40 minutes (we are located right next to Mission College).  By 3:30 Chuy Gomez comes in and then he goes in the back.  We are then just standing there listening to the KMEL DJ playing music.  Chuy […]

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House of Hoops Part 1

Went down to the newest House of Hoops today in Serramonte Center (Daly City, CA).  Where naturally I expected to take plenty of pictures and see an awesome selection of rare basketball shoes.  Alas, I wasn’t able to take any pictures of the store (GM stopped me) nor did I see an awesome selection of […]

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LeBron VII PS (Summit Hornets)

The newest color of the LeBron VII PS is a Summit Lake Hornets colorway of Black/Varsity Purple-Orion Blue out now only at  Interesting colorway, reminds you of the old Charlotte Hornets.  The new trend of getting Nikes first before is continuing with this release. 

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No Bull

“I think the biggest question that you think about has to be loyalty.  I know one thing about Miami: It is a very loyal organization.  I see what they do with their players when their players get done with the game of basketball . . . how loyal they are.  I don’t know about the […]

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Lebron VII Low

Nike’s putting out a new pair of white sneakers every Saturday for the next few weeks.  It starts with the Lebron VII P.S. White-Midnight Navy-Varsity Red colorway this Saturday then continues with the LeBron VII Low (pictured here) of the same colorway for next Saturday, June 5th.  Plus the LeBron VII Low (White-Gold) with 360 Air will come out […]

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