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2010 NBA Draft Lottery

Today at 4:30 WST on ESPN there might be the biggest NBA Draft Lottery of all time.  If the New Jersey Nets get the number one pick not only will they select Kentucky point guard John Wall but their odds of using their cap space to sign Lebron James goes through the roof.  It would […]

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Dallas Braden Reping the 209

Do not mess with Dallas Braden.  Prior to his incredible perfect game this past Mother’s Day, Dallas Braden made headlines when he basically told A-Rod (Alex Rodgriguez if you’re baseball illiterate) to suck it when he publicly bashed him for breaking an unwritten baseball no-no.  Rodriguez crossed over the pitcher’s mound while returning to first base […]

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Suns-Lakers Tonight

The Suns are playing the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals starting tonight at 6pm WST on TNT.  Will the Lakers use their length to get their revenge for all their playoff loses to the Suns in the 2000s?  Or will Amare Stoudemire help the Suns continue their playoff dominance with a series to remember performance?

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Best of the 98-99 Draft Class

When the 1998-1999 season was ending we all were debating who was the rookie of the year.  Was it Vince Carter, Paul Pierce or Jason Williams?  Now it is time for a new debate who is the best now?  Some might mention Dirk Nowitzki but he is so boring and soft so lets just stick with Vinsanity […]

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2010 NBA EC Finals

Can the Orlando Magic’s Vince Carter finally win a championship?  He is only one round away from his first finals appearance.  Yes, the 2010 NBA Eastern Conference Finals start today at 12:00 pm WST on ABC.  I know the national media will go with the Magic but I feel it will be a closely contested […]

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Controversy at the Ranch

Dez Bryant’s brilliance in training cap has already led to a new controversy at the ranch.  Valley Ranch that is, the Dallas Cowboys practice facility in Irving, Texas.  To make it even more interesting this has led to numerous Fantasy Football implications involving every single one of their receivers.

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Summer of Lebron

Don’t feel too bad, Lebron, there are plenty of teams with salary cap space lusting to sign you.  We all know about how the New Knicks are running a full court press and the Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls are lurking.  But there are three other teams as well that have a chance at the […]

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Mike Woodson Gone

There will be no resigning of Mike Woodson by the Atlanta Hawks.  He lead them to 47 wins last year and a second round playoff appearance and 50 wins and a second round playoff appearance this year.  But they did get killed by the Orlando Magic in a four game sweep. Ed Jones writes exclusively […]

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2010 Lebron NY

Down 3 games to 2 with the next game in Boston you can kiss Bron Bron goodbye, Cleveland.  Hello New York and his choice of teammate.  Chris Bosh is dieing to leave Canada and join him in the greatest city in the world and now it will happen.  Ed Jones writes exclusively for CloudFantasy.  Email […]

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Pacman a Bengal

“To gain you guys’ trust is not going to come overnight.  It’s going to take time.”  This was said after the Cincinnati Bengals on Tuesday held practice with Mr. Make it Rain himself, Adam “Pacman” Jones.  “I think I still have the skill set that I’ve had that made me a high draft choice,” Jones said. […]

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