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Giants Spring Training Report

Who will survive the dog days of March and make the opening roster?  Will Posey be starting the season in AAA?  Will Fred Lewis be traded?  Who will win the fourth outfield position?  I am not a big fan of spring training statistics, but in the Giants case, any offensive punch is a welcomed addition. […]

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Big game today,  the Boston Celtics playing the Cleveland Cavaliers at 12:30 WST ABC.  National Television and Bron Bron?  Expect big numbers for all you Fantasy Basketball fans.  I just hope Paul Pierce and bunch are still healthy enough to make this a game especially since I will be watching. Ed Jones writes exclusively for CloudFantasy.  […]

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Prime Time

ESPN just did a cover story on Deion Sanders, one of the most exciting baseball players of all time, and I can’t help but think about what has happened to baseball.  The lack of Black players in the game has sucked the life out.  Leaves us wanting more excitiment.

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Joe Johnson’s under the table deal with NY

Are the New York Knicks already giving up on getting both LeBron and Chris Bosh?  There are reports of Joe Johnson and the Knicks having an under the table deal in place.  And I am hearing if Chris Bosh demands to get the maxim by resigning with his current team the Toronto Raptors the Knicks […]

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Going Someplace TO?

Where is Terrell Owens going to go?  Maybe another reality TV show now that the Cincinnati Bengals have just passed on TO?  The Oakland Raiders have been rumored to have interest.

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Gilbert Arenas Agent 6?

What does someone with too much time on their hands do?  File paperwork with the NBA to change his number to 6 so he can be cool like Bron Bron, how original.  Who is next to change to number 6?  I sure hope Arenas is practicing as well. Farhan Latif writes exclusively for CloudFantasy.  Email him […]

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Manny Pacquiao SC 2010

  New Nike Trainer 2010s, Manny Pacquiao Special Colorway.  Only $110 for the first Nikes of a Pilipino.  These look even better than the Pilipino New Era Caps from a few years back.  I really like the colors and how they match his native flag.  You can buy them right now at the Nike Store. 

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Javon Walker Finally Cut

Two years after signing a $55 million contract with a $11 million signing bonus and only catching 15 passes for 196 yards and one touchdown Walker has finally been cut.  Fantasy Football wise it is really hard to know for sure how much value he has left.  His last good season was 2006 with the Denver Broncos […]

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Who is Andray Blatche?

I just dug up an interesting fact about Mr. Blatche; he didn’t play college basketball.  He declared himself available in the 2005 NBA Draft right out of high school.  He was taken as the 49th pick in the second round by the Wizards.  Blatche has bounced around the D-League and being called up to the […]

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Defensive Magic

If you like defense than you would have loved today’s match up pitting the Los Angeles Lakers at the Orlando Magic.  Ron Artest liked it so much he had the word defense writen in 3 different languages on his head.  Former Warrior Matt Barnes liked it so much, he played defense on Kobe Bryant like his life […]

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