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Fans can vote for NBA MVP

Now the NBA is letting the fans vote for MVP.  This is just great now Farhan is going to be telling us everyday at the Cloud Fantasy offices why his boy the Flash, Dwyane Wade, is getting his MVP vote.  And we all know whoever Nike is pushing the hardest will get MVP votes as […]

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For once Al, Do the Right Thing

21 friggin catches for 200 yards.  And no, this wasn’t an entire season’s worth or even a handful of games.  It was in one single game.  These are numbers that make fantasy geeks have orgasms.  Oh, and don’t forget the two touchdown receptions on top of that as well.  Brandon Marshall not only amazed me on […]

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2010 Fantasy Baseball Draft

Here are some lock down selections to help you win your fantasy baseball league this year.  Some may be a stretch, some maybe sure locks, but you can’t afford to look elsewhere.  Without further ado, here are my top picks for every position for this years 2010 Fantasy Baseball Draft.

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Giants Resign Cain and Wilson

The San Francisco Giants have resigned Matt Cain, Brian Wilson and even Jeremy Affeldt to new contracts.  Cain is getting a $27.25 million, three-year contract, Wilson is getting a $15 million, two-year extension and Affeldt is getting a $5.5 million, one-year extension.  Guess the Giants are willing to pay to keep on winning.  Next the Giants have […]

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Amare T-MAC Beef

“I’m not a big fan of Tracy McGrady — as a person or as a player.  I tried to reach out to him in high school to get advice on going from high school to the NBA.  He pretty much didn’t say anything.  If a kid from my hometown came up to me and said, […]

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Kentucky’s NBA Team

How many future NBA players does it take to win one NCAA championship?  Normally it take one or two.  But this year Kentucky will win with at least four future NBA players.  Now that Kansas and their six future NBA players are out of it, Kentucky should have no problem getting that champion banner for […]

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The Fight for Fifth

After two big wins on national television the Miami Heat are in a fight for fifth place in the Eastern Conference with the Milwaukee Bucks.  Miami is now only one game back.  Looking over these pictures from last nights slaying of the Bucks it is clear Dwyane Wade wants fifth place and will take it […]

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30 Days for Arenas

Gilbert Arenas has to serve 30 days in a halfway house and register as a gun offender.  Not too bad.  And he was sentenced to two years probation and must donate $5,000 to victims of violent crimes fund and do 400 hours community service.  Not bad either. So Arenas and teammate Javaris Crittenton got in […]

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Flash vs Jennings Tonight

Last night the Flash wiped the floor with the Chicago Bulls and Derrick Rose by the end of the third quarter that he had the whole fourth quarter to stretch out and relax.  The Flash will have plenty of energy for tonight’s match up with Brandon Jennings and the Milwaukee Bucks at 5:30 pm WST on […]

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Back to Back Flash Nights

Dwyane Wade will be starring in back to back nationally televised games starting tonight in Chicago.  He will kick things off by going back home to play the Bulls at 5 pm WST on TNT.  Where he will hear cheers all game long and chants of  “Come Home Wade” since he is a free agent after […]

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