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Howards A Heat

Pat Riley’s dream is finally coming true.  Juwan Howard is coming to the Miami Heat.  So what if it is 14 years after he first signed him?  The NBA voided the deal because of the order in which the Heat signed them made them go over the salary cap.  But now Riley has his man.  I mean […]

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Vlad All-Star Game MVP

Vladimir Guerrero will win the MVP in dramatic fashion teaching the hometown team of the Anaheim Angels a lesson for not resigning him.  Why would anyone let such a superstar with such power go?  I can only imagine how bad the Anglels will feel all game long seeing Vlad do his thing.  Expect to see him […]

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2010 MLB All-Star Game

The Midsummer Classic is tonight at 5PM WST on Fox live from Anaheim .  There will be 13 exciting players to watch.  The American League will have Derek Jeter, Ichiro Suzuki, Josh Hamilton, Vladimir Guerrero, Alex Rodriguez, Adrian Beltre, Torii Hunter, David Ortiz and CC Sabathia.  While the National League only has Albert Pujols, Ryan Howard, Tim Lincecum and Brian Wilson.

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2010 Home Run Derby

The 2010 Home Run Derby is tonight at 5PM WST on ESPN.  There will be Miguel Cabrera, David Ortiz, Nick Swisher, Vernon Wells, Corey Hart, Matt Holliday, Hanley Ramirez and Chris Young hitting home runs all night long.  Matt Holliday will do very well getting to the Finals only to get beat by the steaming mad David Ortiz.  […]

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N.L. Fantasy Baseball All-Stars

  Here are the real N.L. All Stars, the Fantasy NL All-Stars…

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A.L. Fantasy Baseball All-Stars

With the All-Star break upon us we already know who made the All-Star team.  But if you are playing fantasy baseball what you really want to know is who are the fantasy All-Starts.  Well, here’s you’re A.L. roster:

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Hyperdunk 2010s & Jordan Alpha Trunners

The Hyperdunk 2010s are out now everywhere & the Jordan Alpha Trunners are out now only at  Two good picks for your feet.  Both are very comfortable as well with air cushioning from heel to toe.

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Rings For All

The Miami Heat will win at least 3 championships at a minimum but the question is who will fill out the rest of their roster?  There is word that sharp shooter Mike Miller has signed a five-year, $30 million deal which will really help this team out when defences go zone on them.  And they […]

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From King to Robin

“Lebron, you might go by King James but this is my team so pass the ball back, game winning shot going down here, the Flash is in the building”, Dwyane Wade in the closing moments of the Heat’s first close game.  This is a very sad day for many reasons.  First what happened to challenging the […]

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The Decision

The moment we all have been waiting for is coming tonight on ESPN at 6 p.m. WST from the Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich, Connecticut and it is called The Decision.  Lebron James will tell the world the next team he will play for.  I still feel the Knicks have the best chance to get him, […]

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