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My Super Bowl Matchup

I know that CBS cares about ratings, unlike NBC nowadays, so I believe they are pushing for a Saints and Colts matchup for the big game in February.  It still bothers me that the Pro Bowl is the week before the Super Bowl, and not in Hawaii.  I also believe that the Jets and Vikings […]

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Allen Iverson will start in the All Star Game

“The way I look at it is, what should I do?  Should I worry about what those people say or concentrate on the million-plus people that voted for me?  To me, it’s a no-brainer. My fans want to see me play and they have the right to put in who they want to put in […]

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Who wouldn’t want to yell, “He’s on fire” after one of your players makes three baskets in a row?  How about yelling, “Overtime” as soon as regulation ends in a tie?  I still say, “From Downtown” every time someone takes a 3-point shot.  Good news, EA Sports bought the rights to NBA Jam and will […]

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Surprise in the East

Who currently holds the sixth seed in the Eastern Conference?  I’ll give you a hint; they have Mr. 23 as their President and a coach who “likes to play the right way.”  If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am talking about the surprising Charlotte Bobcats.  The town of Charlotte hasn’t had a team […]

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Championship Round Picks

Jets at Indianapolis                    12:00 WST CBS                    Minnesota at New Orleans            3:40 WST FOX – Talk about two totally different games.  The first game will be a defensive grind it out type of affair.  While the ladder will be a shootout.  (Picks inside)

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Championship Round Pickups

Two big games left before the Super Bowl.  You want to know who will win.  And more importantly, you want to know which fantasy players to start.  Keep reading and I will tell you who to start.  Tomorrow I will tell you who win the games.

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Starburys going to China

Stephon Marbury is going to the Shanxi, a team in the Chinese Basketball Association.  He wants to help his new team win games, fill up the stands and promote his shoes in China.  We all knew this was going to happen.  Starbury going international, I can’t wait for his first international incident. Hopefully he plays well […]

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How do the Jets keep winning?  They play old fashioned football.  Who needs to be apart of the new passing era?  All you need is a tuff defense, a strong run game and a decent quarterback.  That’s how the Jets beat the Chargers today.

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Arenas Dropped by Adidas

I don’t know what’s more interesting Adidas dropping Gilbert Arenas or Conon O’Brien dropping NBC and getting $30 Million plus the freedom to do a late night show any place he likes.  What’s next?  Nike and Fox?

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Divisional Playoffs Picks

Baltimore Ravens at Indianapolis Colts    5:15 WST, CBS SAT New York Jets at San Diego Chargers     1:30 WST, CBS SUN Arizona Cardinals at New Orleans Saints 1:30 WST, FOX SAT Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings   10:00 WST, FOX SUN (My picks inside)

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