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Nate Dogg going for his 3rd Slam Dunk Title Tonight

Spud Webb is judging and Nate Dogg is dunking.  How can you bet against Nate Dogg?  No contest.  Tonight at 5pm the WST NBA All-Star Saturday Night starts and based on years past the Sprite Slam Dunk should start at 7pm.

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The Air Jordan 2010 is here!

The Air Jordan 2010 is here.  The Flash will be showcasing them tomorrow night live from Dallas in the All-Star Game.  The technology on this shoe is bottom-loaded Zoom Air which is borrowed from low profile running shoe cushioning for better court feel and superior agility.  There is also stacked Zoom Air in the heel to add a […]

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NBA All-Star Weekend Dallas 2010

It is finally here, NBA All-Star Weekend Dallas 2010.  Tonight will be the T-Mobile Rookie Challenge at 6:00pm WST on TNT and I can’t wait.  We all know the Sophmores will win even without Derrick Rose playing. 

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Tim Lincecum’s New Contract

Tim Lincecum has just signed a two year contract with the Giants for $23 Million.  Glad to see this didn’t go to arbitration where it would have gotten messy.  Lincecum wanted $13 Million for one season while the Giants wanted to pay him $8 Million.  They would have brought up his marijuana charges from a […]

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Another Shot of the Lebron VII (All-Star Colorway)

Just Another Shot of the Lebron VII (All-Star Colorway).

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Iverson and Kobe OUT of the All-Star Game

So who is in the All-Star Game?  The hometown Dallas Maverick’s Jason Kidd and the New York Knicks’s David Lee will be the replacements, interesting choices.  I would have picked the Atlanta Hawk’s Josh Smith from the East since he deserved to be on the initial All-Star roster.  From the West it gets tricky but […]

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Amare on the Market

One of my Fav5ers, Amare Stoudemire, is available for all takers.  The Suns are shopping him hard.  Gm’s get to the phones now.  I mean Fav5 might be insult.  If I were building a team Amare would be my 2nd or 3rd pick after getting the Flash, first of course. Wait a minute, the Miami Heat […]

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Tim Lincecum 3 Year Deal?

Looks like the Giants and Lincecum aren’t looking forward to an arbitration hearing this Friday.  Instead they have been trying to work out a 3 year deal.  The Giants have offered $37 million while Lincecum wants $40 million plus.  For the hearing the Giants are offering $8 million while Lincecum wants $13 million.  Either way the Giants […]

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Carlos Delgado considering retirement

The Giants need some power in their lineup and now one of my Fav5 baseball players is a free agent hungry for a new team.  He is soo hungry for a new team he is even considering retirement.  This is a classic case of buying low and selling high for the Giants and for all Fantasy […]

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Donte’ Stallworth Cut

A day after the Saints won the Super Bowl, one of my favorite Saints of all time is cut from the Browns.  Stallworth killed a pedestrian while drunk and recieved a DUI manslaughter charge back in March.  Not that his play was much better, 17 catches for 170 with one touchdown (last seasons’s stats).

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