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LeBron James Repeat MVP

LeBron James wins MVP for the second year in a row and he deserves it for the second year in a row.  29.7 points, 7.3 rebounds and 8.6 assists.  No argument here.  I sure hope he wins the championship this year.

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Evans Rookie of the Year

So the rookie of the year goes to Tyreke Evans.  Does he deserve it?  I think he had to win it even though my rookie of the year was Jennings even though Evans had to win it due to his 20-5-5.  Jennings lead his team to the playoffs and soon to the second round (playoff performance […]

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The Texas Two-Step

The first two things when you think of the Texas Rangers may be Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz.  They are the big bats in the lineup that will put RBIs on the board every night.  The reason to their success, as with most teams, is due to pitching.  Two new members in their rotation are […]

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Jamal Crawford 6th Man

Jamal Crawford just won the 6th man of of year award after playing his first season with the Atlanta Hawks.  Wow, I guess getting traded from the Golden State Warriors really does help your career.  Everyone called him just a gunner last season but I always saw him as complete player who was a scorer.  Coming off […]

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The Adalius Thomas Market

The New England Patriots just released Adalius Thomas on to the open market and the market is buzzing with interest from almost every team.  The San Francisco 49ers went after him hard a few seasons back.  And who was leading that charge, the Miami Dolphins defensive cordinator, Mike Nolan, who was the 49ers head coach back then. The […]

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Roy is Back

Brandon Roy came back last night a mere eight days after surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his left knee and took his team to a 96-87 victory over Phoneix with his mere presence.  He was drowned out by a deafening ovation the second he came in the game (the 4:06 mark of the first quarter to […]

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The Black Quarterback Killer

The Oakland Raiders just traded for Jason Campbell and I feel like calling the NAACP.  I mean how many black quarterbacks do the Raiders have to kill?  Weren’t Aaron Brooks, JaMarcus Russell and Daunte Culpepper enough?  How many careers have to die before everybody realizes it is an epidemic? 

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Thunder Threatening Lakers

Do the Thunder have what it takes to beat the world champion Lakers?  Not yet, the Thunder’s problem is their lack of experience, playoff experience.  They need to learn how to play, playoff basketball.  The good news is Chris Bosh could be coming over this summer as a free agent.  Next year with or without Bosh […]

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Dex Bryant a Cowboy

The Cowboys pulled the trigger and traded up and drafted my favorite player from the draft, Dex Bryant.  Fantasy Football players pick up Bryant, with Tony Romo as his quarterback and that offense in Dallas, Bryant will come close to 10 touchdowns and 800 yards this season.  Trust me he has all the tools plus the system […]

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NFL Draft 2010

The NFL Draft 2010′s first round will be live tomorrow on ESPN at 4:30 WST and I can’t wait.  After that round 2 and 3 will air live Friday on ESPN at 3:00 WST.  Then concluding live on ESPN Saturday at 7:00 am.

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