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Freddy Sanchez is catching on the Giants

Freddy Sanchez is staying with the Giants for two more years for $12 million.  He is a three-time All-Star infielder who hit .293 last season.  He is a solid hitter for the linup and has a very good glove. 

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Lebron VII (black on black)

December 1st will be the date to get my new favorite black on black basketball shoes.  The Lebron VII’s are coming in a black/gold colorway.  If you wear these with jeans you will be barely even be able to see the gold so feel free and call them black on black.

Week Eight Picks

My Week Eight Picks …..

Repeat or the start of a new dynasty?

Welcome to the big show, “the ship”, the ultimate series of the baseball season.  All of the 162 games of regular season have come down to this.  The World Series, November baseball, what more could anyone else ask for?  Oh wait, the NBA season started yesterday, so that is a plus.  But back to the […]

Fav5 NBA Champion Contenders

This season there is clearly a Fav5 when it comes down to NBA Champion Contenders.  There are the Cavs, Magic and Celtics from the East.  And from the West there are the Lakers and Spurs.  But how do you seperate the future 2009-2010 NBA Champion from there?

Will Alex Smith hang on?

Finally the 49ers put back in Alex Smith and now the word coming in is he will start this sunday.  It might have took Shaun Hill to have a bad half to make Mike Singletary see clearly that Hill is nothing special.  But in the second half of the 49ers game against the Texans, Smith […]

Miles Austin does it again

The Cowboys started Miles Austin for the first time in his life and he delivered.  Another game another 2 touchdown catches this time to go along with 6 catches and 171 yards.  Get your Miles Autin jerseys now.

The Vernon Davis breakout season

We all have been waiting for it.  And it has finally happened.  It is the Vernon Davis breakout sesason. 

Cowboys latest test

Big game today.  Will Tony Romo come through?  Will Miles Austin prove his worthiness of starting?  How many of the Cowboys running backs will be healthy? 

Will the real NY please stand up?

Only six teams have come back from a 3-1 deficit to win the series.  The Yankees are hoping to not be victim number seven.  Everyone is surprised that this series is still being played.  The main reason why it is still going on is due to the Yankees bullpen.  Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes haven’t […]

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