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Lebron dethroned

Doc, Roy Halladay, is in the house, but in which house will he land?

Some of you might know Harry Leroy Halladay, others call him “Doc”, and most of the baseball world calls him Roy Halladay. He is an innings eater with an amazing arsenal of pitches. His arsenal includes four seam fastball, two seam fastball, curveball, changeup, and finally his best pitch, a cutter. He has one of the […]

2nd Half Break Out Artists

AL EAST 3B – Alex Rodriguez – New York Yankees I know that this is kind of cheating; well we are talking about AROID here. But he is hitting in the .250 range, and not stealing as much as he was last year. I believe his average will rise and you can’t discount his homers […]

No Jessica + No TO = No Distractions

Tony Romo just broke up with Jessica Simpson and all we can think is of are its fantasy football implications.  There will be no distractions of Jessica waving to him from a luxury box.  No trips to Cancun doing a bye week with Jessica and fellow Cowboy, Jason Witten in tow.  No meltdown in Philly […]

Fantasy football sleeper pick

My fantasy football sleeper pick is NCAA Football 10 cover boy, Michael Crabtree.  Touchdowns are the name of the game and he is the only touchdown scoring machine you can currently draft in the 9th to 10th round.  Scoring touchdowns is all he did in college. 

Did my 3rd mock draft

Did another mock, someone actually picked Larry Fitzgerald as the 2 overall pick of the draft, wow.  Marion Barber went again in the 3rd round while Tony Romo went 4th round and I was able to draft him.  This might be my best team yet.

Drafted my first team

Did my first draft for the new season.  3 teams had auto pick on which means I know what the worst 3 teams are.  The draft went very different than I had thought.  Some team drafted Tony Romo in the first round.  For the last few years Romo was always my number 1 pick and he […]

Did another mock draft

Drafted Adrian Peterson first, everyone’s number one pick.  From there I had back to back picks for the rest of the draft.  So I drafted Marion “The Barbarian” Barber and Calvin “Megatron” Johnson.  After that Tony Romo and TO.  Sure hope they both have good seasons without each other.

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