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With Kim Kardashian gone can Reggie Bush finally shine?

Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian just broke up.  So how good can Bush be?  While Bush might have quickness and versatility he is a change of pace back.  He isn’t big enough of or durable enough to be an every down back due to his lack strength and power.  He is best at being allusive of tackles […]

Fantasy Football Busts

Are they really busts or did we just get to excited and draft them way to early?  Bust players can be steals in the draft if they last long enough.  Here are some players I think will not live up to their hype. Antonio Bryant, Bucs:  New coach, new system, and whose the QB?  Just […]

Fantasy Football Sleepers

This is the one everybody wants to know about.  Who is that nobody that no else knows about.  Does it have to be a nobody?  I took Drew Brees in the 4th round last year, but everyone knew about him.  I would say that was a super sleeper pick and a steal in the draft.  […]

Top 10 Waiver Wire Pickups

I have to start off this article by talking about Mark Buehrle, of the Chicago White Sox. It was a rare feat, to pitch a perfect game. Only 17 other pitchers have accomplished this feat. We have to thank DeWayne Wise for preserving the perfect game with an acrobat catch. I wonder how Buehrle will […]

A Happy ‘Holliday’ for which team?

And so the trigger has finally been pulled.  The A’s, despite offers from numerous teams, traded the middle of the order slugger to the NL Central leading St. Louis Cardinals.  But this star studded trade is unlike most trades at the deadline.  Most include a slugger who

Mid-season sleeper studs & superstar duds

This has been the official year of the sleeper, as well as the official year of the superstar dud.  This is evident with 30 all star first timers in the midsummer classic.  And while a lot of players have come out of nowhere and a lot have fallen way short of their expectations, this is […]

Who is the Giant’s golden ticket to the postseason?

We all wish to be as lucky as Charlie in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory and find the golden ticket. The trading deadline has been known to bring greatness to some teams and quite the opposite for some others. That is the risk that you take when you pull the trigger and try to […]

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