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My Week Seventeenth Picks

The last week of the 2009 NFL Season is here.  Some teams are fighting for playoffs positioning while some are fighting just to make the playoffs.  And then there are the Colts, who will just be relaxing this weekend.

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Ron Artest has done it again

“I can’t remember” was said 15 times from Ron Ron.  What was he talking about this time?  Talking about his injury.  It was first reported he tripped over a box and fell down the stairs at his house on Friday.  Then it changed to he was holding a box and fell down the stairs.

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Pro Bowl Rosters (AFC)

Looking over the AFC cornerbacks there is A grade talent everywhere.  I mean Nnamdi Asomugha, Darrelle Revis and Champ Bailey.  3 shutdown corners on one team?  But why is there Wes Welker for the second straight year and no Randy Moss?

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Pro Bowl Rosters (NFC)

DeSean Jackson will be working over time in the Pro Bowl, he is not only the starting at wide receiver but he will be starting at kick returner as well.  Vernon Davis will be starting at tight end.  And Miles Austin is on them at wide receiver as well.  But they should have put in Tony Romo or Donovan McNabb at […]

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Where to T-Mac?

So T-Mac wants more playing time and the Houston Rockets don’t want to give it to him.  So they gave him some time off a few days back.  Now the Rockets are trying hard to trade him.   The man does have an  expiring contract of $23.2 million.  But they want a All-Star or a player who they […]

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Peterson will bust out tonight

Look for Adrian Peterson to get the ball early and often tonight against the Bears in Chicago on ESPN at 5:30 WST.  The Vikings need to win this game to maintain the number two seed in the playoffs so they will do whatever it takes.  Also if the Saints lose their next game and if […]

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The Cowboys Are In

The Dallas Cowboys are in, the playoffs that is.  Now we know all six NFC playoff teams: Saints, Viking, Eagles, Cardinals, Packers and Cowboys.  But their final rankings won’t be known till the end of next week’s games. 

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The Replacements

I am not talking about the movie with Keanu Reeves; I’m talking about the 52nd and 53rd players that played in the Colts game against the Jets. No disrespect to those players, but they would usually never see the field unless something drastic happened.  Today, that drastic event happened when Mr. Caldwell pulled his starters […]

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AFC Playoff Picture V 2.0

The Titans lost which eliminates them from the playoffs.  So which two teams will be the AFC Wildcards now?  Well I know one thing for sure, the winner of Sunday’s Ravens at Steelers will be one.  The other AFC Wildcard will be the Broncos. 

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AI All Star?

Allen Iverson as of December 24th is an All Star Starter for the Eastern Conference.  Huh, I know I wrote alot of nice articles about him, but an All Star?  He has only played 8 games out of his teams 28 games.

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